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LoopNeo Retouch Vol I Lightroom Presets


LoopNeo Retouch Vol I Lightroom Presets Descarga instantánea.

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Lightroom is a program for editing images by parameters, this means that when we adjust an image each one of the tools we use is saved as a numerical value within the catalog.

The Lightroom presets, or development settings, are action-oriented parameters that the program itself includes, which can be added to increase the library of effects and which serve to apply with a simple click, a series of adjustments and retouching previously configured, saving a lot of time in the development work.

If you do not have much experience with Lightroom there is a fairly simple way to explain what presets are:

It's as if you applied an Instagram filter to the photo, so that with a single touch your image will look different from the original.