Terms and conditions


The present General Conditions of Contracting (from now on, conditions), have by object regulate the access and diet of acquisition of the products and services of Manuel Varea, (from now on the company) with direction Placeta of Ramón Torres Casanova 08014 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain., and N.I.F.: 61142388B, by the user, through the page http://loopneo.com (from now on website).

Acceptance and contracting

By means of the acceptance of the present conditions, the customer guarantees to be greater of 18 years and not having limited the capacity to hire the goods and services offered by the company. The requests will deliver to customers inside the Spanish territory.

For the acquisition of products and/or services, requires exclusively fill up the form of purchase with the personal data and the data of payment.

From the moment of the acceptance, the user purchases the condition of customer of the company, accepting all and each one of the Conditions as they show in the website and guaranteeing that it is a person with capacity to hire. Likewise it accepts that it has read and it comprises the present conditions, that will be him remitted by email when formalising the purchase, so that the company will not file the electronic agreement. These conditions will be permanently accessible Any product offered subsequently by the company will have to be object of a new contracting, reserving the company the right to modify the present conditions whenever it exist cause or reason for this. By this reason, the user will have to read attentively the conditions every time that it proceed to the contracting of some product or service.


The prices of the web are exclusive for on-line shopping.

The offer of products of loopneo.com is subject to availabilities according to stock. loopneo.com It reserves the right to withdraw products of the available offer without prior notice.

The prices indicated in the screen at the side of each product and in the shopping trolley, are expressed in Euros and include the 21 % of VAT.

Of agreement to his commercial politics, loopneo.com will be able to realise final variations of the price, already was by campaigns of loyalty, by acquisition of products of some importance, by offer of products, as well as other reasons that can agree loopneo.com in a determinate moment. Nevertheless, it will be loopneo.com the one who offer these discounts and offers of free and voluntary form, to the one who estimate timely. These discounts never will be able to be demanded or requested by the user.

loopneo.com It reserves the right to effect anytime, and without prior notice, the modifications that estimate timely, being able to update daily products and prices in function of the market.

loopneo.com It does not hold responsible by the expectations that the images of the products can create in the user, to the margin of the specifications indicated of form expresses and clear in his respective technical index cards. The costs of sending, will be by account of the user and will come specified in the confirmation of the request.

The applicable price to the purchase realised by the user, will be the one who was recorded in the moment to accept the available General conditions, save, some problem of stock, in this case will offer him to the customer the possibility to change of article, which can vary his price, or, realise the return to the customer of the amount of the article that have paid.

Half of payment

The payment of the shopping effected through loopneo.com will be able to realise by means of banking transfer, PayPal, charge card, payment postponed or against-repayment.

Before finalising the request, the user registered will have to check the amount of the purchase and the direction of sending of the request already was physical or digital. The direction of sending by defect always will be the direction that the user included in the form of register. If the user wishes that the direction of sending was another, decodificarla in the form of register, before finalising the request.

Once finalised the request, will show to the user the summary of the data of his request and the indications to realise the payment.

When the payment is by transfer, the user will have a period of 7 days to effect the banking transfer to the account number that indicate him . The processing of the request will initiate when loopneo.com verify that the entry in his account has realised properly. Has to check that the amount of the transfer is correct. loopneo.com It will send an email to the user Registered, communicating him that his transfer has been received and the term of delivery of the request that will vary according to the article, and will be indicated in the description of the product. From the confirmation sent by email by loopneo.com (SEE DELIVERIES).

In the case that the quantity ingresada, exceed in the quantity required in the request, and it was necessary to do a return to the user, the costs of the return of the quantity will be to charge of the user.

Once checked that the payment is realised of correct form, loopneo.com will confirm by email to the user the reception of the same, and the processing of the request.

The schedule of verification of the payments by banking transfer is of Monday to Friday of 09:00 to 14.00 hours. The payments received out of this schedule, will not be verified until the following day, therefore, the processing of the request will not initiate until the following day. Equally, in case that the payment was received a Friday after the 15:30hs, the processing of the request will not initiate until the Monday, whenever the amount of the transfer was correct. These conditions would be applicable in local festivities, regional, national and weekends.

Safe payment

PayPal: Our shop is member verified by PayPal, can realise his payments of safe form with this platform. This option has a cost of 3% on the total value of the request

-Charge cards or debit: The web page has runway the one of independent payment installed by the bank. No recopilamos personal data of his cards. To realise the safe payment using this runway, the system will ask him the key of security. This key is not the PIN of his card that uses for cashiers or physical trades. It treats of a valid key only for each purchase by Internet that his bank does him arrive to his mobile in the moment to realise the purchase. For this have to activate this service of safe purchase by Internet in his banking entity without cost any. The activation of this service realises an alone time in the bank and automatically in each payment that realise by Internet of safe way, will send him a message specifying the amount of the purchase and the key that has to insert on the runway of payment to confirm or validate the purchase.

This is a rule that went in in force recently. An exigencia of VISA to avoid the fraudulent use of the cards in On-line transactions. It does not have any additional cost by part of the customer.

-Banking transfer: Account also with the modality of payment by transfer. The data of the banking account will facilitate him by means of an email once you have confirmed the request by this method of payment. Remember that the banks earn commissions by this type of operation and that it is totally extraneous to our shop. It does not have any additional cost by part of the customer.

Payment contrareembolso: This option has a cost of 2% on the total value of the request.

Delivery and terms physical products

All the digital requests send with instruction of download of immediate form once realised the payment and to the confirmation of the request to the email facilitated by the buyer.

Delivery and terms physical products

All the physical requests generally send inside the 24/48 back hours to the confirmation of the request.

If you has chosen the option of urgent sending and his request has remained confirmed before the 17:00 hours (August until the 14:00 hours) will go out this same day. Any request received later to this hour will go out the next day.

If had a break of stock will inform him of this and of the time of demora planned. In this case you decides if it wishes to expect said term or if it cancels the request.

The term of delivery of a request depends of the article or articles requested and the form of sending chosen.

Run you
term of delivery between 2-5 days roughly (this term is orientative and in no case vinculante)

Delivers in 24 /72 hours. In small populations the term of delivery can be of a week or more. The information of terms is taking into account business days and valid only for the peninsula, beginning to explain from the day in that it sends the request. The terms of delivery for Balearic are variable being this term of some 48-72 hours.

Canaries, Ceuta and Melilla: For these cases put in contact with us and will happen him budget of the cost of sending and DUA

Saturdays, Sundays and festive there is not distribution.

The deliveries will see conditioned, equally by festive (local, regional and national). Any change in the direction of delivery of the request, once that this have gone out of our warehouses, will run to charge of the user that will credit the corresponding amount to the change of direction.

loopneo.com It does not hold responsible that the deliveries, by part of the company of transport, do not realise in the time stipulated by cause of greater strength, problems of the company of transport or local festivities, national or regional that stipulate the company of transport.

Once sent the request will receive an email informing him of this and, if the sending has realised by mail, will receive another email with the information of follow-up.

Reception of the request
After having received the corresponding payment, loopneo.com will initiate the process of sending. Once received the product, the receptor is forced to check that the number of his request and the number of request that appears in the bill coincide. The company of mail will have to deliver a Delivery note of Delivery of the request to the receptor. The receptor is forced to check that the number of bultos delivered, coincides with which appears in the Delivery note of delivery and indicate clearly in the delivery note, if there is some incidence (break, opening of stock exchange, defective packaging) in the request.

The compliance of the user in the Document of Delivery involves the renunciation to any type of claim or complaint with regard to the commodity asked and received regarding defective conditions of the delivery refers .

The request travels to his destination to all risk, said sure is not included in the cost of the transport, can add it before finalising his request. So much to do effective the safe, as to amend any error in the delivery, is indispensable condition that certify in the Delivery note of Delivery of the company of mail, any incidence with regard to the commodity received or to his packaging (opening of the stock exchange where includes the request, etc?). Also it is indispensable that communicate said incidence in a time limit of 24 hours to loopneo.com.

1. All the products have 2 years of guarantee (batteries 6 months). In the case that the product was defective of origin or present failure in the period of the guarantee, send us an email to info@loopneo.com with the number of bill, his data of contact and indicating the failure or failure that presents the product. Our service of Attention to the Customer will contact with you through email or telephone call to manage the repair, replacement, discount or resolution of the agreement.

2. In case that, in the moment of the reception of the request, the product arrived him damaged, opened or deteriorated by cause of the transport, is indispensable that indicate it in the delivery note of transport that has to sign when receiving the request. It will have to communicate it to loopneo.com in a time limit of 24 hours and once realised the claim, loopneo.com will collect the defective product, and once received in our warehouses will send him one new. All this, without cost any for the user.

Returns physical Products

1. They will accept returns of products inside the first 14 skillful days from the date of reception of the commodity, previous permission of loopneo.com.

2. The return of any product will have to be accepted previously by loopneo.com, by means of email in which the user will have to indicate (Reference of the request) Reason of the application of return.

3. Once authorised the return by loopneo.com, will communicate him to the user by email. In this communication, the user will find the instructions to be followed for the return.

loopneo.com It will indicate him by email the method of return. It will not admit in no case, return of products by unauthorised systems previously by loopneo.com. If the customer hires a service of distinct transport to the indicated for the reenvío of the product, loopneo.com does not do manager of the cost neither of the damages or flaws ocasionados to the well, by cause of the wrong transfer of the product.

4. Once received the product, if this finds in mint condition (with original packaging, all the articles and manual, and without signs of manipulation or excessive use), the return will realise in a time limit of 3 days. The Technical Service will confirm if the failure is a failure of factory, and will proceed to the replacement or return of the amount paid, in the same account number from which realised .

5. If the product is given back by the user by failure or bad operation and this only has been used to check the correct operation, without having signs of excessive use and manipulation, loopneo.com will agree the return, the expenses of transport originated by the reenvío of the product will be by account of loopneo.com. If by the contrary the return is by express wish of the customer (inside the term established of 14 days) and by extraneous cause to the product or to loopneo.com, the cost of the return runs by account of the customer.

6. In case that the material did not arrive in perfect conditions, with his original packaging and all his accessories, loopneo.com reserves the right to credit an inferior quantity or to refuse the return.

7. They will not accept returns of expendable, whose original packaging have been opened; neither of products that can be reproduced or copied, unless they give back in his original packaging and without opening.

8. In case that the product arrived damaged by cause of the transport, will have to communicate it to loopneo.com in a time limit of 24 hours from the reception of the request. In case that the external packaging of the product, found opened or deteriorated in the moment of the reception, is indispensable that indicate it in the delivery note of transport that has to sign when receiving the request. Once realised the claim, loopneo.com will collect the defective product, and once received in our warehouses will send him one new. All this, without cost any for the user.

9. In case that the return was not accepted, by the no fulfillment of the previous conditions, the costs of reenvío will be to charge of the user.

10. If it gives back the product in the 30 skillful days from the delivery in his domicile, loopneo.com him reembolsará the amount (less the expenses of sending generated) by means of the same method used by you to effect the payment. In case that said method of repayment was not viable, loopneo.com him reembolsará by means of banking transfer.

Returns digital Products

1. They will not accept returns of digital products.

2 if it existed some error in the programming communicate it to us to info@loopneo.com and will look for the best possible option.

3. On the one hand, whereas the purchase of a physical article supposes the acquisition of the property of the same, with the digital content are not the owner, but you obtain a licence of only use, so that you can not it give, loan or sell.


The company guarantees to the customer the possibility to cancel his request anytime and without any cost whenever the cancellation communicate before the request have been put to disposal of the carrier for his sending, through the form that will be him sent to his email after effecting the purchase. Likewise, it will be able to desist of the purchase of the product, during the seven skillful days following to the reception of the same. For this the customer will have to reenviar the product to the company together with the form sent to his email to this end to desist of the purchase.

The return of the contraprestación economic will effect by the total amount, assuming the cats of sending the company, and through the same half of payment that had used when realising the purchase.

It will proceed, anyway, the return of a product when it was different to the requested by the customer and delivered by error of the company. Equally, if a product has arrived to the customer broken, damaged or in bad conditions, the company will do charge to collect it in his domicile, substituting it by another in good condition, without additional charges.

It will not proceed the return of articles:

· When it have happened the term of desistimiento.

· When they have been opened, used or do not conserve his precinto or original packaging.

· When it treat of personalised goods or that, by his nature, can not be given back or can deteriorate or caducar with rapidity.

· When it treat of provision of service already begun.

· When it treat of susceptible products to be downloaded or reproduced with immediate character for his permanent use.

Right of cancellation or desistimiento

If it wishes to cancel the request, before we send him the product, will have to remit us the following form filled to the following email address:info@loopneo.com

If it already has received the request and wishes to desist of the agreement in the term of seven skillful days from the reception, complete the following form and remit it, together with the request to the following direction:

Placeta Of Ramón Torres Casanova 08014 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

To day? Of?Of year 201?
Signature of the customer

Link of membership

Occasionally use in our webs link of membership of products and services. These links use exclusively after having used the same or to having realised proofs that allow to value that they fulfil with a suitable level of quality. We do not include links affiliated that they do not fulfil with the before described conditions.

Some of the links of membership are marked with an asterisk (*).